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Liaison College, in Kitchener understands that being the best in the business has its rewards and they encourage their students to make a name for themselves by competing in the culinary competition for Skills Ontario. The winners of the provincial round then go on to compete in the national Skills Canada competition. Skills Canada is a national non-profit organization that helps to regulate the trade industries and promote careers in skilled trades such as baking and cooking.

The first round of this prestigious competition is the qualifying round that is held in February and this year is being hosted by Liaison College. Students are able to compete in either the baking or cooking competition, both require students to prepare set menus. They are given recipes ahead of time and will be expected to prepare the entrée and dessert or pastry and pie during the time of the competition. Students are judged based on their final products taste, texture, temperature and plating. They are also judged on their abilities in the kitchen, ensuring that they are abiding by the standards put in place for their trade regarding sanitation and skills.

Twelve students qualify for the provincial competition that takes place in May. From there the gold medal winner will be eligible to compete in the national Skills Canada competition. Participation in the competiion is a huge accomplishment and is a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved.

Liaison College prepares their students for the competition by holding a workshop in February and participate in a mock completion within the school. This preparation helps students to know what they are being judged on and ensuring they are prepared for the stressful environment of a real competition. A past student from Liaison College won gold in the Ontario completion and placed fourth in the National Competition.

For more information on the competition or information on how to begin your education and start your career in the culinary arts, contact Liaison College at 226-243-3347.

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