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Liaison College, in Kitchener, has a large number of graduates who have gone on to have incredibly successful careers in the culinary arts. Students end up in a variety of different kitchens, restaurants and other venues – the options are truly limitless in the food industry. If you have an interest in pursuing a career in the culinary arts, starting at Liaison College will open a number of doors and provide you the necessary foundation to find a job cooking or baking. The most rewarding aspect of a career in culinary arts is that there is always something new to learn and challenge your skills as a baker, chef or pastry chef.

Former student Chef Sana graduated from Liaison College in 2009 with honours. Under the guidance of Chef Mike and Chef Dean, Sana was fortunate to learn different cooking styles and gained the confidence she needed to learn and grow as a chef. Once Sana graduated, she worked for a catering company and in the kitchen of a retirement home to gain experience and improve upon the skills she developed at Liaison College. Shortly after graduation, Sana was offered a full time position at a bakery and has been there ever since. At the bakery, Sana is now responsible for the cake decorating department and finds that she is continuously learning and improving her craft. Most importantly – Sana loves what she’s doing.

Since graduating, Sana has continued her education not only through her career at the bakery but by becoming a Red Seal Chef and now working towards obtaining her Baker Red Seal certification. The Red Seal Certification is a certification program for individuals in the cooking and baking trades and helps to set a standard level of skill and education across the industry. Obtaining a Red Seal Certification is a great accomplishment that can be made easier with the support of Liaison College.

For more information on how to begin your education and start your career in the culinary arts, contact Liaison College at 1-800-854-0621.
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