There’s a renaissance emerging in commercial kitchens across North America. Suddenly, chefs are the most compelling personalities in pop culture. Reality shows like Hell’s Kitchen have turned chefs like Gordon Ramsey into international celebrities, and cable networks are waging a constant food fight via programs like Burger Wars and Cake Boss. It’s a fact not lost on the instructors at Liaison College Kitchener Campus (, where the primary menu items are diploma programs that turn foodies like you into competent cooks and chef de cuisines.

What is the distinction between a “cook” and a “ chef de cuisine ? For starters, while you must certainly have cooking ability, the term “chef de cuisine” is not merely an acknowledgement of your ability to whip up a soufflé. Your training as a Chef de Cuisine provides you with the total package of skills required to be in charge of a kitchen and foodservice operation. That includes such responsibilities as creating new menu items, food presentation and plating, managing kitchen staff, ordering and purchasing inventory, budgeting and final decision making related to the culinary operations. While you may still report to an executive chef, you would in essence be the person responsible for the ultimate success of the restaurant or foodservice facility.

The curriculum at Liaison College provides all the necessary practical training related to your ultimate responsibilities in the kitchen, from culinary techniques to baking theory. Other important courses taught in the program include basic food theory and nutrition, kitchen management, quantity food preparation and core skills like math and science. You would also receive training in areas you might not have considered, such as human resource management, cultural diversity and knowledge of food safety guidelines like the Health Protection and Promotion Act (

There’s no guarantee your training will earn you your own television show. However, rerolling at Liaison College is a sure way to get cooking on your chef career. For more information visit
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