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“The first step toward getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

The ways the school and the programs are designed are quite clever and unique. I knew that this was the place for me and that I was going to be able to do this. Being in my 60’s was not going to get in my way.
The programs are fast-paced and the instructors are ‘overflowing fountains’ with the knowledge, time and expertise that guide you through. My confidence and skills grew quickly, which led me to get my first culinary job. This is certainly an exciting time in my life – I’m glad I took that step!

Brenda Holloway

I am a partially sighted woman and that was of concern to me, but that didn’t stop me. The staff at Liaison is not only professional, but sensitive and respectful to each and every one of their students’ unique situation and this directly translates into their teaching approach.

You’re going to make mistakes and learn from them and with the amount of time you spend cooking and the super small class sizes you are going to develop some serious skills in a short amount of time.

Their job placement rate is incredible and the after school help is fantastic. I can drop in, ask questions, get industry advice and inquire about jobs and they are always welcoming; it feels like family.

Jean Lydia

You won’t get a better in-kitchen, hands-on experience than you would at Liaison College. It’s the amazing staff that works there, they really care, they want you to succeed and they’re approachable.

Thank you Liaison Kitchener for an amazing experience that will never be forgotten and I couldn’t be more grateful for the skills that I have gained.

Kristen Chisholme

I didn’t think at my age that I could go back to school, much less cooking school. Time was important; I wanted a program that was a least less than a year and Liaison had seven such programs. Money was also a factor; I didn’t think that I could afford going back to school, but they worked with me and were able to give me an interest free payment plan and the schedule that I got allowed me to keep my job so I was work while going to school…and I wasn’t the even oldest one in the class.

Maria Amezcua

How could I balance my home life, 4 small kids and going back to school…could I really do this? That’s what I was asking myself. But I did it and it was a challenge but my kids got to see their mom go to school and what dedication and hard work can do. We did homework together!

I totally felt that I was being prepared and equipped for the industry. From the small class sizes (which are only 4 hours a day!), to the resource library; and the availability of the staff to help and assist; everything is so well structured. The ongoing support after graduation is in itself reason to enroll. I don’t think you could find this level of support anywhere else.

Since graduating I am doing exactly what I set out to do, running my own successful personal chef business. Liaison College has prepared me with a solid foundation in culinary theory and practice…you will leave this place with employable skills. You will be made ready.

Nicole Puffer

Hands down it was the hands on training; I loved the hands on training. It was one thing to talk about the theory, recipes and concepts but it was a whole other thing when we got into the kitchen and applied it to practical applications and doing all the things that we talked about. This was my favorite part.

Liaison has a great reputation, facilities and resources. The instructors and staff a very knowledgeable and easy to approach; when I had a concern they were able to find a solution. And even when you graduated you always remain a student and part of the Liaison family. It was great to know that I can always come back to relearn something or sit in on a class or brush up on a skill. I am proud to have been part of this great learning institute.

Peter Kroll

I have a young family and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to keep up. But Liaison was able to accommodate me and cater to my scheduling conflicts. I was able to work full-time and still complete the program.

Ryan Koyanagi

I love food. The musician in me loves the joy it brings to the senses and the engineer in me is fascinated by the alchemy that transforms ordinary ingredients into something magical. At Liaison College I get to explore both of these with the instructors sharing the knowledge and skills they've gained as professionals in the industry. While I don't know yet whether my future will move into the culinary arts professionally, I do know the food will be fantastic.

Heather DeYoe

After gaining many years' experience working in the food services industry, I wanted to refine my skills as a chef. Choosing Liaison College for their reputable Chef De Cuisine course was perfect for me as it allowed me to accomplish my goal in under a year. The kitchen experience paired with the hands-on approach and the industry knowledge of the creative instructors allowed me to excel and graduate with honours and with an award of excellence. Chef Elaina in particular, was extremely supportive throughout my journey at Liaison and beyond, and has been instrumental in helping me achieve my culinary goals. With the knowledge and training gained from the course, Liaison College has provided me the expertise to make my dream of starting my own catering business come true.

Jeff David – The Haute Element Catering Co.

My time as a student at Liaison College laid the foundation of culinary knowledge and technique that I still call upon to this day. The intangible quality of the way the program was run has led to not just my own growth in the industry, but the ability to foster the same growth in my apprentices – all of whom come from Liaison.

Living in Kitchener and running the little kitchen at Bistro 515 in Brantford, Ontario, Tyler Grafton-Adams graduated in 2010, and received his red-seal certificate in 2012.

Tyler Grafton-Adams

If You Can Dream it, You will Achieve it.
I have a passion for cooking, baking and creating delicious food. My passion for food started off as a genuine childhood curiosity. I spent countless hours in the kitchen watching my mother create beautiful food and pastries. Eventually, this curiosity grew into a thriving career in food.

I entered the culinary world through Liaison College for Culinary and graduated with honours from the Chef De Cuisine Program.

Armed with culinary knowledge and skills, I entered the workforce to gain experience in the food field. I have worked with great chefs and held a number of food-related positions including sous chef at Orchard Gourmet House and the Schwaben Club, FSW at Trinity Centre and cake decorator and product developer at la Patisserie Fine Cakes. After a couple of years of hard work in the culinary world, I have achieved my dream and now I am a "Certified Red Seal Chef".

Chef Sana Thibeh

I completed the Chef de Cuisine program at Liaison College, Kitchener Campus and graduated with honours in September 2011. During school I worked part time at The Waterlot in New Hamburg as Garde Manger and Pastry Cook. After course completion, I was offered a full time position at the restaurant.

A year later I was offered and accepted, the opportunity to go to Millcroft Inn and Spa, Alton ON as Assistant Pastry Chef.

Karen Soulodre

In July 2011, I started culinary school attending the Chef de Cuisine course at Liaison College, Kitchener Campus. In May of 2012, I graduated with honors.

My passion for cooking developed at a young age while watching my mother take simple ingredients, and turn it into delicious food.

At 19, I moved to Ontario from Newfoundland and worked as an iron worker for fifteen years, but I always felt and maintained my passion for cooking.

Becoming a chef had always been a thought in my mind, but I never imagined I would be able to accept the opportunity to go back to school. I am currently employed as a Sous Chef at a new restaurant in Cambridge; Q BBQ and Public House. Since graduation, I have been working towards my red seal certificate while working under my former instructor from Liaison College, Chef Michael Magda.

I am thriving with the knowledge and skills I have developed since attending Liaison College and working under Chef Elaina Ravo, and Chef Michael Magda. I am so happy to have finally fulfilled my passion of becoming a chef and having a career that I truly enjoy!

Thank you Liaison College!

Brad Fahey

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