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Liaison College, in Kitchener, looks for many important qualities in their students. It starts with a passion for cooking and food but it doesn’t end there. If you are interested in applying you will need more than just your love for food; professionalism, dedication, discipline and reliability are all essential qualities to be successful in the food industry and are necessary traits for the students of Liaison College.

As a way of displaying your professionalism and discipline students are expected to be on time and in attendance for each and every class. Programs at Liaison College are delivered at an accelerated pace and missing one class could set you behind in your learning. Being punctual is also a great way to start your career off on the right foot, the food industry doesn’t lend itself well to absentee chefs or bakers and being on time and present for class shows you understand and respect the business.

Along with a demonstration that you are in love with food and all the delicious dishes you can create it is important as a potential student of Liaison College that you can show you have a great work ethic and are dedicated and focused in the kitchen. The food industry is an old school trade and it’s essential that you can work hard and remain focused when creating the mouth-watering dishes your clients will come to expect from you and your kitchen.

Cooking and baking is an art and everyone will have good and bad days in the kitchen so it is essential that as a potential student of Liaison College you can remain professional in the kitchen at all times. Keeping outside stresses and distractions out of the kitchen and remaining calm and professional while under pressure will help you to be successful in your career.

For more information on admission requirements and how to begin your education and start your career in the culinary arts, contact Liaison College at 519-743-8335.

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