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Liaison College in Kitchener knows that the holiday season can bring a lot of added stress as you prepare for the festivities. Cooking a big holiday dinner for family and friends can be overwhelming for even the experienced cook. One of the most rewarding experiences at Liaison College is taking part in some of the annual charity work they do during the holiday season, including the preparation of a big holiday meal for those less fortunate.

Each year the students at Liaison College spend the holiday season finding ways to give back. Whether it is a financial donation, food for a local food bank, or an unwrapped toy for the make-a-wish foundation, the students give whatever they can.

The students also donate their time and expertise by cooking a full turkey dinner for a couple of schools in the Kitchener and Cambridge area whose students may not get to enjoy such a luxurious meal at home. The students from those schools range in age from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Six. The children in these schools raise money to pay for the dinner but Liaison College lets them keep the money to help pay for any supplies, sporting equipment or anything else the school needs. The younger students help with serving the meal and it is a great experience for the older students of Liaison College to experience the joy of giving back to the community especially during the holiday season.

If you are cooking a big turkey dinner for your family or friends this holiday season, Liaison College offers some of the following tips

Split the bird by dark and white meat before cooking. This will help the bird cook faster and ensure that the food is thoroughly cooked and safe to eat
Instead of stuffing the bird, cook any dressing separately. This allows you to cook more than what you could fit in the bird and ensures the dressing will be safe to eat
Most importantly don’t get stuck spending the whole day cooking in the kitchen! Make sure that you spend time with your family and friends celebrating the season and enjoying the day.

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