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Nobel Prize winning Physicist Albert Einstein once said “the only source of knowledge is experience.” Even though he wasn’t known for applying his genius in the kitchen, Albert’s wisdom is definitely something the chef instructors have incorporated into both the Chef’s Table and Friday Lunch programs at Kitchener’s Liaison College (

Teaching you the fundamental skills involved in running a full-service kitchen is the ultimate goal of both initiatives. As a student in the advanced program ( for example, you would be part of a group of five to ten students taken out of your culinary classrooms and put into a simulated restaurant situation for some practical application of your skills. Here is where you’ll prepare and serve lunch for a rotating cast of weekly diners, a service designed to expose students to all the pressures of “working the line”. The primary goal for student chefs is to prepare and deliver a quality lunch menu while developing speed and precision, along with establishing a high degree of artistic plate presentation. “Customers” at the Friday Lunch program include office and business people, retirees, family and friends of existing students or simply anyone with an appetite to sample the work of budding chefs like you. For just $25 including gratuity diners get to enjoy their choice of two appetizers, three main courses and one dessert. It’s rotating menu that could include anything from familiar favourites to inspired chef creations.

The Chef’s Table program (’s-table) is an equivalent exercise to the Friday Lunch except it involves advanced students in the part time evening course. As a student in the Chef’s Table program you and your fellow trainees would be joined around the kitchen prep tables and cooking stations by guests, who would be there to observe your technique, interact and ask questions. Patrons at both programs have the opportunity to provide written feedback at each meal, while students are encouraged to mingle with guests and get verbal feedback.

You can “experience” both Chef’s Table and Friday Lunch programs by making your reservation today. Call 519-743-8335. Cash, Visa, MasterCard and AMEX accepted.

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