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Liaison College of Culinary Arts
Kitchener Campus

Personal Chef Diploma

80 Hours - 4 Weeks (Full Time)

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Have you been considering running your own food service operation but aren’t sure where to begin? The Personal Chef Diploma program will not only provide you with the tools and skills necessary to operate a business, it will equip you to run a successful business. In this course we examine all the available avenues in the industry and help you create a niche for yourself. You will learn the business models needed for success in the food industry as well as the administrative models, strategic marketing plans as well as conduct market analysis. Upon completion of this course, students will have their own individually tailored business plan ready for the bank!

This course can be combined with Cook Basic Level 1 in order to walk away with a Specialist Chef Diploma allowing you to not only run the business but also acquire all the skills and techniques necessary to work in the kitchen. See the  Specialist Chef or  Cook Basic Level 1 Diploma programs for more information.


Liaison College Kitchener