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Hospitality Administration

Hospitality administration training – This program is for students interested in stepping out of the kitchen and into the front of the house.

You will learn the skills you need to run and manage a full-service restaurant.

Program Inquiry

Program Overview

chef in class
Fundamentals and History
  • History of the food service
  • Today’s food service Industry
  • Introduction to financial management
  • Challenges in the food service Industry
  • Advantages and disadvantages to starting a food service outlet
  • Food service terminology
  • Basic math calculations: percentages, averages
  • Basic bookkeeping principles
Restaurant Types
  • Family or commercial
  • Coffee shop
  • Cafeteria
  • Gourmet
  • Ethnic
  • Fast food
  • Delicatessen
  • Buffet
  • Institution
  • Coffee car
Menu Planning
  • General menu requirements
  • Menu presentation
  • Effect of menu on decision making
  • Menu design
  • Menu merchandising
  • Menu analysis
Business Organization
  • Proprietorship
  • Partnerships
  • Limited company
  • Corporations
  • Chains and franchises
  • Professional help: bankers, accountants, etc
chef in class
Food Service Feasibility
  • Importance of site: general suitability, site specialists
  • Visibility, suitability, accessibility
  • Location factors
  • Downtown versus shopping centre
  • By-laws and zoning considerations
  • Feasibility study
Premises and Equipment
  • Leasing agreements, buy-outs
  • Fixtures and equipment
  • Rentals
  • Sale / leaseback
  • Rental agents
  • Architects and contractors
  • Leasehold improvements, blueprints, landlord negotiations
  • Insurance
Equipment, Furnishings and Sanitation
  • Cost of equipment
  • Equipment based on needs
  • Kitchen design
  • Equipment requirements
  • Professional assistance
  • Sanitation and the Health Department
Financial Planning Controls
  • Financial statements
  • Balance sheets: assets, liabilities, equity
  • Income statements
  • Retained earnings
  • Forecasting, budgeting and analysis
  • Financing options
  • Cash receipts, disbursements, bank reconciliations
chefs in class
Market Analysis
  • Market research
  • Demographics
  • Customer profiles
  • Compiling data
  • Purchasing cycle
  • Suppliers
  • Receiving and storage
  • Inventory and turnover
Marketing and Advertising
  • Trading area analysis and business environment analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Location
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Marketing plan
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Sales promotion
  • Restaurant critics
Human Resources
  • Job descriptions
  • Employee hiring
  • Employee training
  • Employee evaluation
  • Employee records
  • Scheduling and payroll
  • Worker’s Compensation

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