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Liaison College of Culinary Arts
Kitchener Campus

Recreational Classes

Our Red Seal Certified Chefs and students work together to bring you jam packed evenings of learning, fun and food. 

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Turkish Night - Cooking Class

Are you looking to increase your skills while learning about Turkish Cuisine?
Liaison College of Culinary Arts and our Executive Chef Elaina Ravo, C.C.C. are coming together to bring you a one night only culinary class.

Chef Elaina Ravo, C.C.C. will walk you through some of the history of the region, the flavour profiles of traditional Turkish food as well as demos and hands on application from the participants.
The evening will be jam packed with goodness and you get to take all the food home with you!

Here is the menu for the evening:
- Dill Battered Mussels with Red Tarator Sauce
- Green Olive, Walnut and Pomegranate Kisir
- Feta & Mint Gozleme
- Manti with Circassian Yogurt Dressing with sizzling Paprika Butter
- Adana Kebabs
- Warm Fresh Cheese and Kataifi Kunafeh with Orange Blossom Saffron Syrup

Class includes tools and equipment for use, recipe booklet to take home, all the food goes home with you, demos and instruction. Taxes are included.

Space is limited - For more information or to Register Today
[email protected] or 519-743-8335

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Baking & Pastry Arts Boot Camp

Whether you bake regularly at home and are looking to refine your skills and learn new recipes or you simply want to get to know the basics because it has always been a passion, then this class is for you! Furthermore, our trained Chef’s will teach you the skills and techniques necessary to ensure that all your future recipes are successful and delicious. We will cover a large number of topics including:
– Cookies and Biscuits
– Tarts and Pies
– Cakes and Muffins
– Breads and Doughs
– Glazes
– Custards and Mousses
– Fillings
– Piping techniques
– And SO MUCH MORE… (see event picture for more details)

This is a dynamic and hands-on instruction in fundamental skills and techniques that help teach the non-professional the ways of baking and pastry arts!
This class is jam packed with goodness and the best part is, you get to take it all home. We will provide you with an apron and a copy of all the recipes – all the equipment and tools are here for you to use. The Bonus? You don’t need to worry about the dishes!

Start Date: April 25th, 2019 – June 27th, 2019 – VERY LIMITED SEATING
Duration: 10 Weeks
Program schedule: Every Thursday evening from 6:00pm to 10pm

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Culinary Arts Boot Camp

Join Liaison College of Culinary Arts for 10 weeks of dynamic and intense hands-on training in culinary fundamentals and techniques to help teach the non-professional to think and cook like a chef. Here are some of the things we cover:
- Appetizers and plate decoration
- Making and baking of breads
- Pasta making
- Stocks
- Soups
- Sauces
- Poultry: fabrication of cuts and various cooking methods
- Red Meats: fabrication of cuts and various cooking methods
- Fish: clean and dress fish and various cooking methods
- Pastry and desserts: various doughs and confections
- Chocolate work
- Vegetables and various preparations
- Starches and various preparations
- Side dishes
- Salads and dressings
- Two classes devoted to International cuisine

These intensive recreational cooking classes are jam packed with methods, techniques and recipes. You will also receive a recipe booklet and an apron upon commencement and a certificate upon completion.

All the food that you create in the kitchen is yours to take home and share with friends and family!

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