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Liaison College of Culinary Arts
Kitchener Campus

Specialist Chef Diploma

380 Hours - 19 Weeks (Full Time)

Program Inquiry

​​This diploma program is an intensive 380 hour exploration and application of classic culinary techniques as well as the fundemantal business skills necessary to be a successful business owner in the food industry. With two-thirds of the program spent in the kitchen under the supervision of experienced Red Seal certified Chef instructors, students develop the real-world hands on skills necessary for culinary success. This program is designed by professional Chefs for individuals looking to enter the Culinary world as cooks and ultimately become business owners themselves. We will prepare graduates to work successfully in the food service industry.

- Sanitation, Safety and Equipment
- Bake Theory
- Calculations – Basic
- Communications – Basic
- Culinary Techniques – Basic
- Basic Nutrition
- Techniques Of Baking
- Quantity Food Preparation
- Kitchen Management
- Food Theory – Basic
- Quality and Standards
- Creating a Business
- Administration Models
- Business Models
- Strategic Marketing tools and techniques
- Other revenue sources 
Liaison College Kitchener