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If you’ve ever watched the show Hell’s Kitchen you would know that working for celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey is tougher than a non-marinated flank steak. Ramsey’s approach is all about entertainment and has nothing to do with proper human resource management. His behaviour is definitely not something Liaison College ( would teach you to emulate if you were an aspiring chef enrolled in one of the culinary arts programs available at their Kitchener campus.

As a chef employed in the foodservices industry your primary responsibilities would most likely be the management of all things related to food preparation and quality. However, if you were performing the dual role of a chef owning your own restaurant, or serving as the chef de cuisine, you would instantly be responsible for all elements of human resource management – in other words, directly managing your staff. Managing people and their needs, wants and personality quirks requires an entirely different skill set than that required of a basic line cook. Thankfully, Liaison College offers a culinary management program(http://www.liaisoncollege. com/pdfs/course_ outline_ culinary_ management-download.pdf) that explores some of the critical components of effective human resource management.

For example, as a manager you would be required to have a working knowledge of employment and labour laws ( as they relate to the restaurant and hospitality industry. You would want to have a level of expertise in labour relations to help develop and maintain a positive work environment for your employees. You would also want to develop the expertise to ensure your staff members are in jobs that made the best use of their skills, creating a positive work environment to help reduce employee turnover and increase employee satisfaction.

For a manager, leadership is just one ingredient in the recipe for success. It is also one of the things you’ll learn studying to be a chef with Liaison College.

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