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Liaison College Kitchener is the premier culinary school in the Kitchener area, a place where potential chefs can learn all there is to know about food preparation. One of the most important lessons they teach is that everyone has a different opinion on what constitutes good food and, more importantly, what foods are actually part of a good, healthy diet.

Vegetarianism, for example, is an ever-increasing practice for people who believe eating meat is either unhealthy or unethical. When you’re running a restaurant and want to appeal to as broad a demographic as possible, you have to consider the appetites and concerns of both vegetarians and their more conservative vegan counterparts. This means creating specialty menu items that appeal to this particular segment of the population as well as diners with a curious palate. For consumers looking to make healthier choices in the home, vegetarian meals are also becoming a popular alternative to the traditional meat and potato creations handed down over generations.

There’s a common misconception that vegetarian meals are bland and void of flavour. Every good chef will tell you that is just not true. There are many ways to “spice up” a vegetarian menu. There are also simple ingredients that are both healthy and tasty that will appeal to even the most fickle meat-lover. For example, Quinoa is becoming a popular ingredient in vegetarian recipes. Used for thousands of years as a food staple in the South American Andes region, Quinoa is a highly versatile food item. For example, Quinoa can be served hot or mixed into a salad. Served with roasted vegetables, it can be both a main course and a side dish. When mixed with pasta, vinaigrette or a legume like chickpeas, Quinoa can be a great new meal creation.

The chefs at Liaison College in Kitchener can assist you in broadening your culinary ability to create dishes suitable for every diner. Directed by Chef Elaina Ravo who has earned Canada’s highest culinary designation, Certified Chef De Cuisine (CCC), students will gain insights on how to create new and interesting meals using a wide range of ingredients.

No matter what you like to eat, the best way to learn how to cook is to enroll in a culinary arts program at Liaison College Kitchener.

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